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Monday, April 20, 2015

The road to Yazd

We saw a lot of desert and mountain when visiting the sites around Kerman, but the drive to Yazd consisted of hours and hours of little more. (I'd been singing, We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Yazd in my head, but women can't sing in public in Iran, so I wasn't able to share the joke.)

Marco Polo visited both Yazd and Kerman on his way to China, and mentions them briefly in the book he allegedly wrote about his adventures. He said it took seven days to travel between the two cities. We covered the distance in an afternoon and can only marvel at the explorers and traders and nomads who traveled that bleak road eight hundred years ago when there was even less there. At least we had the occasional factory or checkpoint to break up the monotony.

Although tourists are usually waved through the checkpoints, we were stopped at one. Goli had to show all the paperwork for our visit, and we had to show our passports to prove that we had visas. Afterwards the guard apologized for bothering us and said we shouldn't have been stopped.

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