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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A misunderstanding

I noticed this woman sitting on the sidelines. I really wanted a picture of her -- I loved the way she was sitting and I loved her face -- but I found her intimidating. She was watching me; I hoped she would turn away for a moment so I could sneak a picture, but she never stopped looking at me. I finally snuck a picture by depressing the shutter with my camera hung from my shoulder and hoping for the best.

But when she saw me talking to the men in the previous post and taking pictures of them with their children she came over to join us. I think she had been too shy to approach me, although she was obviously curious, and when she saw me talking to other Iranians she decided it was okay. And I had been too shy to approach her!

She didn't speak any English, but was as warm and friendly and obviously delighted to meet me as the other Iranians. We traded my limited stock of basic pleasantries in Farsi and she happily posed for pictures for, and with, me.

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