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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Final encounter

I think this is an appropriate place to stop. For now, anyway -- I still have stories to tell and I'll try to write them over the next few weeks.

We met this girl while walking across the bridge this afternoon. She spoke excellent English, as many young Iranians do. And when I could, I answered in Farsi, and she didn't understand anything I said. I was just using the same basic expressions I've been using for weeks -- my name is Kathleen, I'm American, I'm from New York, I understand a little Farsi -- but every time I said anything she frowned and looked confused, and her mother would repeat what I'd just said. Maybe she was just expecting to hear English, and wasn't sure that she was hearing me correctly, but it was very funny.

Back to English-speaking for me.

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Paul said...

Same reaction I got when I tried to speak French in Paris.

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