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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday bird blogging

Not quite frozen in motion, but better than most of my efforts to capture birds in flight. And I'm giving myself bonus points because it's a warbler, although a black and white warbler is so easy to identify even I manage it without any difficulty.

I'm heading for Ecuador Thursday for a week in the Galapagos. I'm spending a couple of days in Panama on the way back, where there will be hundreds of bird species, some native, some just passing through on their way to their winter homes. Lots of warblers, reportedly, but I can take blurry pictures of warblers I can't tell apart in New York. I'm much more excited about seeing some of the native species, and as usual I'm as much in love with their names as I'm likely to be with the actual animals.

The rufous-vented ground cuckoo, for example. Or the scaly-throated foliage-gleaner. The buffy tuftedcheek. Or, my favorite, the violaceous trogon.

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