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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Did someone say "fish market?

The fish market where I saw that booby had been mentioned as a place we should definitely go during our free time in Puerto Ayora. I thought, Okay -- stalls of clams or crabs or rows of big bulging fish eyes; there could be some fun photos there. I completely missed the obvious question: what happens when you hold an open air fish market surrounded by big birds who love love love fish and have no fear of humans?

Birds like these pelicans, for example. The birds circling over the market -- which is just a few tables pushed into a rectangle -- became obvious a few blocks away. It was fun to see the animals we've been observing in such pristine natural surroundings responding to a human environment -- a reminder that the issue isn't just preserving these wonderful creatures, it's figuring out how to make coexistence work.

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