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Thursday, February 1, 2018

About that unearthly beauty

Here's an example.

This was taken on our first zodiac cruise, in Wilhelmina Bay. The expedition crew call it Whale-helmina Bay, and we did see several humpbacks, but this was before I'd learned that riding in a zodiac for more than a ten minute ride to shore and back required at least four layers and three pairs of socks. I was cold, and it was sleeting, and we were getting doused by waves every so often, and I didn't want to swap lenses and risk getting salt water inside my camera.

So I didn't get any closeup shots of the whales. Just these icebergs, glowing under the gray skies, so close I could, and did, reach out to touch them.

It's hot and sunny in Santiago today, and I'm going out to bask in the warmth. I'll post a few more pictures tonight.

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