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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hola? Hola? Is this thing on?

It's almost one am in Santiago, and I'm not going to attempt to say a lot tonight.

I'm back, after what turned out to be an eleven day trip rather than ten -- a snowstorm kept us grounded yesterday when we were supposed to be flying back to Punta Arenas. I'm tired, because it's late, but I'm also experiencing major culture shock. I left Santiago less than two weeks ago, but it feels so much longer. So much happened. I saw so much.

It was wonderful in every way. The beauty was almost literally unbelievable. We drifted past icebergs under snow-capped mountains and steely skies. The tour operators were superb. And the fact that there was no Internet was a plus, even apart from the obvious benefits of no work email. We were isolated, and that was a good thing. The ship was our community as we shared the experience, and there wasn't anything to distract us from it.

Much much more to follow.

But to end on a less philosophical note, here are some penguins.

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