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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday reflections

One more, highly saturated, look at the Palais des Congrès in Brussels (you can see me taking the picture in the bottom left.)

It's been a week of pratfalls and First World Problems, and I won't quite relax until I'm lounging by a pool in Santiago Sunday night. First my Kindle died, and I had to rush order a new one. Thursday night it was my laptop, and yesterday morning was spent at the Apple store, after having to beg for an emergency last-minute half vacation day. Somewhere in there I pulled something in one of my knees and spent a night yelping in pain every time I turned over, wondering if I was going to have to cancel the trip because I was not able to climb into a Zodiac and I risked being abandoned on the shores of Antarctica.

The knee is better though stiff, the laptop is better though sluggish, the new Kindle is here and loaded up, and I am more or less ready to get on my 5 pm flight. I still have to clear out the top shelf of my bedroom closet, which is being renovated along with my kitchen while I am away, and pack up my wineglasses and the last of my pantry. Then -- fingers crossed -- it's off to Santiago and points beyond.

Stay tuned!

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