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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome to Botswana

This is the Botswana equivalent of orange plastic cones closing off a lane on the highway.

No pictures allowed at the actual border crossing, where we had to go through a hoof and mouth disease prevention cleaning, consisting of marching in place on an old rag soaked with chemicals. Then we were told that we had to clean the soles of all of the shoes in our luggage as well, so the trailers containing our bags were unloaded there on the side of the road, and we all dug around for our shoes, wiped the soles on the old rag, dried them as best we could on clumps of grass, and repacked them.

(Of course, as Russell noted afterwards, there is nothing to stop animals going back and forth across the border as many times as they want and no one disinfects their feet.)

I loved this sign.

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