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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leaving Zambia

This morning we're flying to Lusaka, and then back to Johannesburg. There were several elephants grazing in the bush by the lodge's airstrip, and a family of warthogs trotting across the tarmac.

Another elephant family, with a very young baby, came out as our truck stopped, and it was a magic moment. After so much wildlife, so many elephants, it was the perfect coda.

Then our plane arrived, roaring down the airstrip. Mama elephant trumpeted indignantly and hustled the baby out of there. Goodbye, Zambia.

Goodbye, Africa.

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Elisa said...

I'm careful about using the word "breathtaking" (so grandiose) and "literally" (so often misused) but these pictures and this post are literally breathtaking! I think I'd literally die of overwhelming verklemptness if I saw a baby elephant stroll out of the bush with its family. And the bands of color in the pictures are incredible (though not literally.)

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