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Monday, April 9, 2012

African wild dogs

The lion, though beautiful, was not that rare a sighting. This was.

Wild dogs are highly endangered, and there are only a few thousand left in Africa. With their mottled coats and big ears they don't really look like domestic dogs, but there's enough of a resemblance so they don't look completely creepy the way hyenas do, although these are fierce predators with a much higher kill rate than lions.

We saw three of them running across the road behind us, and stopped immediately. More of them came out of the bush, until there were sixteen or eighteen -- they moved too fast to count accurately. They were targeting an impala, and suddenly the chase was on.

It was impressive to see how they coordinated the attack, how different groups broke away and the three dogs above flanked from the road. I am still very happy to report that this particular impala got away, at least this time.

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animals said...

when people see this kind of dog they think so bad about it . but infact the wild dog is the same as the normal do it just they did live in the wild so we should stop thinking bad about this dog breed. i really like the wild dogs and i wish i could have one as pet

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