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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The butterfly effect

After breakfast, we had a couple of free hours before the afternoon boat ride, and I spent almost all of it trying, and failing, to get pictures of the butterflies in the trees around the lodge.

Butterflies are one of many surprises in Africa -- when I thought about insects I might encounter on this trip it was mostly about mosquitos and tsetse flies and how best to avoid them. But the insects, like everything else, are a revelation, whether large, like the dung beetle Russell found at the lodge in Zimbabwe, or tiny, like the minuscule lime-green spider that crawled across my Kindle last night. I'd never imagined such colors in the insect world.

And butterflies are everywhere, in amazing patterns of blue and yellow and white and orange and brown. They are part of what makes being here feel so dreamlike sometimes, dozens of them, in different colors, floating around me while I walk up the path to the main lodge.

But even if I had the right lenses to take their pictures, they don't land anywhere often or for long. This is the best I could do.

Update: I found another, better shot, below.

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