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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Night drive

It didn't start out as a night drive.

Actually it didn't start out as a drive at all. I was doing a boat ride as my afternoon activity, but when we went ashore for our usual sundowner drink and met up with the other groups, we found out that the game drive group had found a pride of lions.

In order to give us all a chance to see them, we switched around and the canoeing group got into the jeep and headed off to see the lions, while the game drive group got into our boat and went back to the lodge.

By the time we'd switched again, and my group got to the lions, it was completely dark. We had lights on the hood that were turned on, but as you can tell from the pictures it was just a little light in the middle of an enormous darkness. For us, anyway. The lions of course can see better at night than we do during the day.

Fortunately they weren't the slightest bit interested in us.

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