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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday bird blogging

And we now resume our regular blogging schedule, even as I am starting to think that it will be weeks before I have the African story sorted out and that "catching up" is not something I may be able to do.

I can post the pictures, but explaining them, conveying what it was like to be there, is turning out to be extraordinarily difficult.

Anyway, here's a dark-capped bulbul. I saw a lot of them around the hotel in Johannesburg, and at first their behavior puzzled me. Several of them sat in a leafless tree, and periodically one would take off, fly in a small circle, and return to the same branch. My impression was that they were aimless and not very bright; I finally realized that they were catching insects so small I couldn't see them, so smoothly I couldn't even catch them in the act.

This bulbul, behind our lodge in Botswana, has something a little more exciting to show for his efforts.

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