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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Walking safari

We had a choice of activities this morning -- game drive, fishing, walking safari. I chose the walk, eager for a chance to stretch my legs and see some of the amazing rock formations and plant life in the park up close. Of course, unlike most nature walks, this one requires that you be accompanied by a gentleman with a rifle. (Which, we were reassured, there was almost no chance he would have to use, but just in case...)

So the six of us who were walking, plus the two guides from the lodge, Pikasa and Laxon (whose names I am probably badly misspelling), and our sharpshooter, whose name was Gift, took a boat down the river to the national park, and disembarked into yet another new world.

The sandy path from the river up to the grassland wound through these tall red banks, carved into finger-shaped columns and elaborate waves by a much higher river in the past, and our footprints mixed with the tracks of the animals that had already walked through here this morning.

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