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Thursday, September 24, 2015

We interrupt our regularly scheduled scenery for this announcement

This is post number 2000 on this blog. I've always written it mostly for myself and and as an easy way to share pictures and stories with the people I know, though this being the internet, I've picked up other readers along the way. I hope you've enjoyed reading it.

Here's an appropriate what the hell piece of urban poetry to mark the occasion -- a police car in Inverness. I was drinking a coffee and enjoying the sun on the high street, listening to a credible if unexpected version of Folsom Prison Blues from a street musician, when this object cruised into view. I saw similar police cars in London, so it's not just a scheme to shock visitors to the Highlands out of the dreamy lethargy induced by too much natural beauty; these are called Battenburg markings and are designed for maximum visibility.

They certainly are hard to miss. And I suppose you would get used to the idea that the passengers in these vehicles are sober, serious civil servants and not circus clowns on LSD.


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