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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Change of plans.

There's a board in the main lodge, with signup sheets for all of the available activities for the day. I signed up for the morning hike at Wonder Lake, just down the road in the park. My fellow hikers were  a family of four who were also staying at the lodge. While we waited, they asked the manager if it was still possible to book one of the flights around Mount McKinley.

He checked, and the pilots were willing to do an extra flight over their lunch hour because it was such a spectacular day. "There are four of you? There's still one more seat. Do you know someone else who wants to go?"

Four heads turned simultaneously in my direction. I hadn't even considered doing a flight -- scared of small planes, so not my thing, too expensive, etc., etc., etc. -- but I know when I need to forget all of the reasons to say no and just go for it.

So I said yes.

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