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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Return to Malta

Malta was the least interesting place on my first Mediterranean cruise, so I wasn't that excited about visiting it again. I didn't bother to sign up for an excursion, figuring I'd just walk around Valletta, which I didn't see much of last time, and enjoy an afternoon on the deserted ship.

But it was far more beautiful than I remembered -- that may just have been the difference between visiting in April and visiting in November -- and I hopped on one of the double-decker buses and spent the morning riding around the northern half of the island, and the afternoon in Valletta.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the approach to Mdina, which rises out of the surrounding farmland like something out of a swords and sorcerers novel, but the rest of the island could not be more stereotypically Mediterranean: blue skies, blue water, stone walls, vineyards, palm trees. And luxury hotels and the occasional yacht, but it still mostly feels like a place where people actually live than a resort where the wealthy and the cruisers periodically deign to visit.

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