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Friday, August 5, 2022

Critters of the Cloud Forest

I'm sitting at the airport in San José, crossing my fingers that the two delays already announced for my flight will be the last. If this trip to Costa Rica has reminded me of what I've always found so magical about travel, and demonstrated that it's maybe still possible even in a post-Covid world, here's a reminder of the flip side: the delays, the stresses, the inconveniences. I feel like I should be home already and I'm not even on the plane yet.

So here's a coati. Although other guests and staff at my hotel claimed to see them wandering the grounds on a regular basis, I never did—until yesterday morning when I was walking to reception to check out. A coati crossed the path right in front of me, but of course my camera was packed away and there was no chance to get a picture.

So you'll have to settle for this very unsatisfactory capture from my first day when I got to watch a family of them scampering through the trees, too far away and high up to photograph, but fun to watch anyway.

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