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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Another view of the Cloud Forest

This was taken from the overlook in the Aguti Reserve, where I went for a solo hike this morning. This was my last day in Monteverde, and I had thought about doing another excursion like the birding tour yesterday but decided I don't have the energy for any more touristy stuff.

This reserve adjoins my hotel, and is free for guests, so it's a perfect alternative to guided tours. On Monday I'd only seen one other couple there, and they were arriving as I was leaving, but there were half a dozen families there today. I didn't mind; I mostly had the trails to myself, and the hikers I talked to were friendly and low-key.

I wouldn't mind spending a few more days here. My knees, however, have made it very clear that they are done with these shenanigans and they can't wait to be back on the flat pavements of Manhattan.

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