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Friday, August 12, 2022

And now some trees

Trees don't flee when you try to photograph them, so I was able to get some good photos in the Cloud Forest.

The biggest limitation was my equipment—I needed to bring so much stuff for the San José program, like books and art supplies (along with three weeks worth of clothes and personal stuff), that I ended up only taking one camera with me. I had two lenses, a 400mm zoom for birds and wildlife, and a shorter zoom for people and scenery and basically everything else. This meant that I had to either carry both lenses with me while I was hiking in Monteverde and switch as needed (assuming it wasn't raining and that I could switch lenses), or decide in advance what I was going to be trying to take pictures of and bring only that lens.

So on the birdwatching tour, for example, the pictures I took of the trees with my 400mm lens were basically closeups, like this photo. It just wasn't possible to get far enough away to capture more of the tree. So my tree pictures are a mix, and I could happily have spent another week there and still not taken all of the pictures I would have liked to.

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