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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Mermaid Room

The day's misadventures continued upon arrival in Copenhagen. First, apparently I needn't have worried so much about my passport because no one even looked at it. Since the creation of the EU, you no longer have to go through immigration when traveling between countries by train, but I certainly didn't expect the same experience when flying. (And I didn't have to take off my shoes or take out my laptop going through security at Arlanda, either. No wonder Europeans hate us for our freedoms.)

I got in a taxi, pulled out my hotel confirmation, and discovered that it didn't contain the hotel's address. And it's a new hotel, open only a few months, so the driver had never heard of it, and all I could offer was the name, Hotel Andersen, and that it was a few blocks from Tivoli. I couldn't get a strong enough signal to use the browser on my Blackberry, so the driver lent me his iPhone, and I Googled the hotel, and finally had the address and directions just as we arrived in central Copenhagen. Technology saves the day!

I had picked this hotel because it was well-reviewed, reasonably priced, and close to the things I wanted to see. The website had also promised modern Danish design, which I was definitely curious to see.

But I didn't expect that they would offer me a choice of color schemes. How fun is that? I picked the mermaid room, turquoise with lime green accents.

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