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Saturday, September 8, 2012


This is the reason I signed up for this tour (although I enjoyed the Viking ships and the Fram very much): Kon-Tiki.

As a singularly unadventurous child, I was addicted to adventure literature and Kon-Tiki was one of my favorites. Heyerdahl may have been wrong about the Polynesians (although DNA testing has shown he wasn't completely wrong) but the story of how six complete novices built a balsa raft and sailed it across the Pacific Ocean is still one of the great stories of all time.

The raft is hard to get a decent picture of -- it's just not terribly photogenic and although it's ridiculously small, it's still too large to see clearly. You can't really get a sense of the actual size from this picture, alas. And I could have done without the stupid stuffed birds hanging above it.

Still. Kon-Tiki.

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