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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oslo, we have a problem

I was going through the pictures I'd taken as we left Copenhagen, and liked this one in particular, the way the grungy building contrasts with the cruise ship deck chairs. But there was a weird spot on it -- easy enough to remove with Photoshop, but a sign that I got some dirt on my lens.

Sure enough, all of the pictures had the same spot, and when I looked more closely at the later ones, I could see hairs as well. And the lens was fine, which was very bad news because it meant that the dirt was inside the camera, on the mirror or the sensor -- it was very windy on the deck and I must have been careless swapping a lens out -- and I had stupidly left my camera cleaning kit in New York.

I panicked. I'm here to see the fjords, but I also really want to photograph them, which will be difficult without a working camera. I decided to try to find a camera store in Oslo that could take a look at the camera and give me the right tools to clean it, and maybe still get back to the ship in time to leave for my scheduled excursion to the explorers' museums.

And thank you Norway, because I did it. I found a store called Expert City near the train station that sold all kinds of electronic gear. They didn't have what I needed but they directed me to Japan Photo, just up the street, where a very kind and efficient young woman cleaned my camera for me, and even gave me a discount on a lens cloth. My vacation was saved!

Oslo, you will forever be one of my favorite cities, even if an emergency pit stop at the train station bathrooms costs 10 kroner.

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