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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Astronomy Tuesday

There are two prominent galaxies in this closeup of the constellation Hydra, with the practical and oh so unromantic names of NGC 5078 (in the lower left) and NGC 5105 (in the upper right.)

If you click to enlarge the photo though, you'll see many more galaxies in the background (the  huge stars are in our own Milky Way and are just the obstacles we're shooting around for the picture.) That's what always fascinates me about these deep space images -- look at the tiny little galaxy in the corner! Does anyone live there? What's the view like from there, I wonder?

It gives me an odd feeling, half loneliness, half yearning. With of course a dash of my usual incurable nosiness, wanting to know everything about everything.

Image Credit & Copyright: Dietmar Hager, Eric Benson

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