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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why don't I live in Scandinavia?

Danish power plant

Danish parking lot

Danish business lunch

Danish sunset

Of course the taxes are high -- progressive rates, averaging 50%. But for their taxes, the Danes get health care, free higher education, and something Americans haven't seen in a while, infrastructure. The roads are well-maintained, there are beautiful bridges, and in Copenhagen one of the main squares is undergoing renovation so the old water mains underneath can be replaced. Imagine: they are replacing old water mains before they burst and flood the streets. Those crazy Scandinavians!

Americans of course want services but don't want to pay for them. Or we think that there should be no services at all, and the government should be limited to issuing currency and running the military. We value our freedoms too much, including the freedom to bankrupt ourselves over medical bills and pay for our bachelor's degrees until we're ready to retire.

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