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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sailing from Estonia back to Sweden, and the Baltic is becalmed. No breeze, no waves, the surface of the sea as smooth and calm as a mirror.

I have been released from my cabin, but hundreds of other people are still quarantined, and they are probably grateful that the sea isn't rocking them around today. I was down in the infirmary on the second deck when the ship's engines started up and we sailed out of St. Petersburg, and I can attest that rolling around on the waves while vomiting is not a pleasant experience.

Otherwise, if you have to be sick, doing it with room service and doctors on call and free movies on tv is definitely the way to go. Although when I felt I was finally ready to try eating something yesterday morning, and I asked room service for toast and tea, their response was, "I'm sorry, madam, you may have toast but you are not allowed to have tea yet. Would you like more Gatorade?" Later, I thought I might try a plain turkey sandwich, but I got rice and a banana.

So when I was finally cleared from quarantine I went immediately to the buffet, and the chicken leg and mashed potatoes I ate was the Single Most Delicious Meal I ever had. Ever.

Here's a breakfast tray left outside someone's room for pickup, a common enough sight on a cruise ship, except of course for the pink plastic Biohazard bag.

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