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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Little Mermaid

When I was looking at possible tours for Copenhagen, they all had huge capital letter disclaimers at the bottom, warning us that starting in June, the Little Mermaid was going to be replaced by a multimedia artwork by a Chinese artist. I had no desperate desire to see the Little Mermaid, but somehow this didn't sound terribly promising to me. And I was right.

The statue is on loan to Shanghai, where they are apparently just crazy about the Little Mermaid, kind of like those Japanese tourists who go to Prince Edward Island to visit all of the Anne of Green Gables sites. And the "multimedia artwork" consists of a giant screen in the harbor where the statue normally sits, showing live video of the statue in Shanghai.

There were schoolchildren on a field trip to see this very exciting multimedia exhibit, but for some reason none of them seemed that impressed. Or interested.

Fortunately for the disappointed tourists, there's another not-quite-so-little mermaid nearby, outside the souvenir shops. I am guessing that even in Denmark, they don't bring schoolchildren on outings to see her.

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