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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Almost done

For a crazy few minutes early on, I wanted to get 50 portraits. I quickly scaled that back to 25, and then back to "What I can get."

There simply wasn't time. Between actually talking to the people I photographed, and running around between the various events, I only took about 20 pictures and some of them aren't good enough to post. But it was still many more portraits than I had taken before, and excellent practice for figuring out how I want to do them. And I asked total strangers! 

Admittedly, it's easier to be brave at the World Domination Summit than almost anywhere else where there hasn't been prior consumption of great quantities of alcohol. The people here are all interesting and intelligent and accomplished, but if you approach anyone and say, "Hi," they will say "Hi" back. They will ask you your name and why you're here. If you approach a group, they will unfold and bring you in. 

Sometimes I got so involved in conversation I actually forgot about taking pictures. But this is Renee Harris of Cottonwood, California, on the left, and a lovely woman who let me take her picture but didn't want me to use her name on the right.

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