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Friday, June 6, 2014

Millennium Park

I didn't see much of the city beyond this park today. After checking in to my hotel, I treated myself to afternoon tea for my birthday, then went for a walk.

It was the kind of perfectly beautiful day, warm but not humid, that's best spent in a park or on a boat, and if Millennium Park turns out to be typical of this city then I am already truly, madly, deeply in love with Chicago.

There's the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, for one thing. And the bandshell designed by Frank Gehry. And shady paths, comfortable benches, and redwing blackbirds swooping over the lawns.

And these wonderful fountains, 50-foot tall towers of LED's that display video faces of 1000 Chicagoans. Every few minutes, the lips pucker and spray water over the reflecting pool between the two towers.

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