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Monday, April 20, 2020

Travel flashback -- Grand Tetons

A reminder of a saner world, only four years ago.

I woke up at four in the morning and spent the next several hours alternating between lying on my bed moaning and running to the bathroom to be sick. Of course I was sure it was Covid -- if anything can make being sick to your stomach in the middle of the night even worse, it's the conviction that it's just the first symptom of a nasty epidemic that's raging through the city where you live.

Eventually I fell asleep again, and woke feeling much better. I'm a little shaky and I have a headache, which is what I'd expect if it was just a reaction to something I ate, and I'm slowly working my way through a bowl of chicken soup.

I know the world is never going to go back to what it was. I may never be able to travel so much again. But at least I did when I could, and I have so many beautiful souvenirs, like this photo.

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