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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Life in the time of coronavirus, Shopping Edition

I went for my once a week main shopping excursion yesterday, and was excited to see cartons of generic toilet paper instead of the usual empty shelves in the paper products aisle.

So at first I didn't even notice that on the shelf above they had Charmin! CHARMIN! Twelve-packs of real toilet paper!

It was like Christmas and my birthday and every kind of glorious surprise rolled (yes, I know) into one. And in yet another sign of how much everything has changed, I immediately had to take a picture as proof. (I also texted friends as soon as I got home: I've got Charmin! Do you need any?)

Future generations will just have to trust me that this uninteresting picture of supermarket shelves represented the high point of the past few weeks -- I was tempted to Photoshop stars and halos and choirs of angels around those stupid cartoon bears.

At the risk of straining your credulity, I must report that they also had paper towels. BOUNTY paper towels, not the unbleached no-name ones that dissolve into a pile of brown goo upon contact with any liquid.

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