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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bonus reflections

Because when you wake up on a Saturday and you decide that screw it, you are NOT going into the office today, it feels like Christmas came early. I lazed around all afternoon, finished one book and started another, and went through the last of the Brussels pictures.

This accordion is from a delightful exhibit in the Museum of Musical Instruments, where I spent a few hours getting out of the rain my first day in Brussels. They had a collection of Estonian folk instruments in little tented cubicles, with motion sensors so that as you stood before each of the instruments, a recording of its music began to play. You'd move through the curtains to the next instrument and the new melody would start, overlapping the music from the previous room.

I somehow managed to hit myself in the eye with the laminated card they handed out as a museum guide, so I walked through much of the exhibit with tears rolling down my face, but I just pretended to be overcome by the music.

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