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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Good news/bad news

The bad news is that it's really, really cold. (That's -19 degrees for those of you in Celsius land.) At least it will be above zero when I leave for the train station later this morning, and it's only a few blocks away.

The good news is that my suitcase finally turned up last night, so I will be wearing my boots and fleeces and have hand warmers in my pockets when I bravely set out on that treacherous ten minute journey.

I hadn't planned to do much in Montreal yesterday, and didn't. It snowed all day, and though I was mostly warm enough, I was in a bad mood, fretting over my missing suitcase and the lack of updates from the airline. I went to the Hudson's Bay on rue Ste-Catherine to buy socks and underwear, figuring I could always use them even if my suitcase turned up. I did not plan to also buy a pair of red pajamas with penguins on them but they were on sale and they made me smile, and I figured that in a worst-case scenario they could serve as long johns.

And they apparently have magical properties, because literally a minute after I changed into them last night, my suitcase was at my door.

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Unknown said...

Penguins have magic. Believe it!

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