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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday bird blogging

This is appropriate for a final picture from Rwanda: an unidentified bird.

I couldn't find this bird in any of my field guides or in the online databases. It's possible it's a juvenile and the spots will go away when it matures, but for now we'll just call it the Gray-winged Spotty Breast of Western Rwanda.

The unidentified Nauseated Cold-Sweats Jelly-Knees illness I picked up in Central Rwanda is long gone, and my only souvenir at this point is a sluggish heart, which the doctors assure me will probably just get better on its own. I'm learning to live with it, and though very, very, grateful to be feeling better than I did a few weeks ago, I wish I could manage a hike through Central Park with my camera to see what the local avians are up to.

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