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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday reflections

Street repair in Brussels.

I've been watching way too much television over the past several weeks, and it has been in equal parts revealing and excruciating. A few months ago I had never seen a single Lifetime movie, and now I have seen several. For a while they had the only storylines I could follow apart from half-hour sitcoms I'd already seen multiple times. (It was especially easy because they all seem to have variations on the same plot -- evil person pretends to be someone/something they're not and targets nice family.)

And this, I'm embarrassed to admit, was after I was back home with a universe of television channels to pick from. In the hospital in New York I didn't watch much TV, but I heard a lot of it from the next bed, mostly Judge Judy and daytime talk shows. In Brussels it was a lot of second tier BBC and Arrow dubbed in French.

I've yet to make it more than two episodes into any of the dozens of new series I could be watching, but that was also often the case before I got sick. I'm open to recommendations.

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