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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sausage fest

I happen to find all giant reproductions of food vaguely (and sometimes not so vaguely) creepy and unappetizing.

But this one just made me laugh. Seriously, who thought an enormous bratwurst was a good idea? (And I assure you it looked far more obscene in person.)

It's no surprise that Frankfurt was full of bratwurst and all of its relatives -- this is the city that gave its name to the hot dog after all. I walked through the park along the river yesterday afternoon and almost every food cart was some variation on sausage and french fries, plus lots of bier, bier, bier.

I was too tired to find the idea appealing, and the smell made me a little nauseous. Which may be why I ended up having a truly terrible vegan wrap from Starbucks for my dinner.

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