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Sunday, October 16, 2016


As described below, it was gray and drizzly the day we went to the Glacier Lagoon -- perfect weather for hopping in a small amphibious vessel and sailing among the icebergs. It was fun, though, and not quite as cold as I had expected. We saw seals and seabirds and many many large pieces of ice, some small enough to dazzle crystal clear but most the usual unearthly blue with black streaks of volcanic ash. The guide on the boat passed around a large lump of ice and then broke it into chunks so we could taste it. (My sample went back into the lagoon -- it wasn't the kind of weather that made frozen snacks appealing. In Alaska, they make margaritas out of the glacier ice -- just a suggestion, Iceland.)

On the other hand, these gentlemen were definitely even colder and wetter than the rest of us. When the tour boats go out into the lagoon, they're accompanied by a couple of zodiac cowboys who herd the icebergs out of the way and clear a path for the boat.

Definitely on the list of Jobs I Could Never Do.

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