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Sunday, January 7, 2024


I'm staying at a very nice hotel, one of several right on the water. I have a balcony, and can look out over the beach to the Red Sea.

But the hotel is empty. There are a few families staying here and there were half a dozen kids playing in the pool this afternoon, but when I went down to the beach to walk through the water (it was too cold to swim) I was the only person there. There were several dozen lounge chairs set up, but it was just me and the attendant. I think I'm the only foreign tourist here, except for one man I saw at breakfast. When I ate lunch on the terrace, I was the only person there (at table 65!) and I was relieved to find some nuts I took from the cruise ship so I don't have to go down to dinner.

I'd like to come back some time when things are calmer. Just because no one is bombing them doesn't mean these people aren't also being hurt by the war. As it is, I'm happy to be flying home tonight, and very conscious of how lucky I am to be able to go.

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Anonymous said...

Safe travels! I’ve so enjoyed your photos and commentary.

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