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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday bird blogging

Families of Canada geese at the lodge in Jasper National Park. These goslings are almost grown, but still sticking close to Mom and Dad.

There were dozens of geese around the lake in the evenings, and though our expedition leader -- a Canadian -- claimed that there are different types of Canada geese and these weren't obnoxious at all, I got hissed at many times when I attempted to walk anywhere they felt was their territory.

We'd heard stories about elks wandering into people's gardens in Jasper -- and though they look like docile creatures, a Mama elk with a baby can be very dangerous -- and that it always fell to the most junior members of the Park Service team to carry the baby elks away because they inevitably emptied their bowels all over their rescuers. So we joked that it was probably the new hires at the lodge who got stuck picking up the goose poop every morning, and sure enough, some of the group met one of these lucky folks while taking a walk before breakfast the next day, and he confirmed that yes, he was new, and by the way they probably didn't want to walk on that lawn yet.

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