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Monday, November 27, 2017

Welcome to the working week

I had originally wanted to fly back to New York today and go to work tomorrow, but changed my plans at my manager's request. No big deal. But while I was sitting in the stationary line of cars outside the Lincoln Tunnel yesterday evening, I remembered why I didn't want to fly back yesterday -- the Thanksgiving air travel congestion doesn't really impact international flights, but once you're on the ground you're stuck in the same traffic as everyone else.

And I was cranky because I was hungry. I avoid airline meals whenever possible, even in business class, but I have to say the meals served in coach on the flight yesterday were possibly the worst I've ever seen. I was starving by the time the pre-arrival snack was served but no one could possibly be hungry enough to find that warmed-up turkey on a roll with cream cheese spread appealing, or even edible. I managed one bite.

I'm sure the man in this window on St James Place isn't finding his meeting any more fascinating than most of us do, but he definitely has a better view.

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