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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Sunday cat blogging

Many years ago I saw a collection of notecards in a bookstore called Cats in Greece. Each of the cards featured a picture-postcard photograph of Greece, like ruins against a mountain backdrop or whitewashed buildings on a hill above the sea, with a cat. I found this hilarious for some reason and almost bought the cards, even though I knew I'd never use them.

I've been reminded of that on this trip, because cats are in fact everywhere in Greece. Every ruin, every restaurant, every landmark, has at least one cat. I saw these two in Nafplion today. The kitten was wandering by itself on a street in the Old Town, and Mama Cat appeared and herded him back into a walled garden. I saw another cat on the same street with half of a very large fish in his mouth, but alas I couldn't get a picture.

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Anonymous said...

The black kitten looks like I imagine my now senior cat looked at one point. I’m glad you decided to go on this adventure. PBK from that John C blog 😀

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