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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Saturday reflections

This isn't really much of a reflections image, but who is going to notice when there are such enticing baked goods in the picture?

This was taken on the drive from Delphi to Olympia Thursday. I was very lucky that the group for this pre-cruise tour consisted of only three people, myself and a couple from Australia. (And that they turned out to be delightful travel companions.) When our guide announced we would be stopping for a bathroom break, one of my fellow travelers asked if it was possible to get a coffee as well.

So we stopped here, a small bakery-café called Furnos Kondyli, located just before the very long suspension bridge to the Peloponnese. I say “small,” but it was crammed with glass cases featuring at least a hundred varieties of cookies, plus breads and other pastries, and refrigerator cases along the walls full of cakes.

I'm still impressed that we each limited ourselves to one small pastry to have with our coffee.

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