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Monday, December 25, 2023


(The Greeks call it Nafplio, but since I just got used to pronouncing Nafplion, I'm sticking with the spelling they use on the ship.)

I'd actually been here already—we spent the night here on Thursday, but we arrived late after a two and a half hour drive in the rain that made me regret that I'd eaten so much moussaka at lunch, and left again right after breakfast. So I had an impression of a pretty little town, but didn't see anything except for the hotel.

I'd cancelled the excursion I'd booked, since I realized I'd seen most of the sites—like the Corinth Canal—on the pre-cruise tour, so that gave me a day to investigate the pretty little town on my own. I walked to the end of the marina and found this path along the shoreline; there was a locked gate and a sign warned of danger from falling rocks, but I saw all the locals ignoring the sign and walking around the gate so I did, too.

This man was one of several I saw fishing that day, but none of them seemed to have caught any fish. I'm wondering if all the fishing was less for bringing home Christmas Eve dinner and more for getting out of the last-minute Christmas shopping.

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