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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Another portrait


Roasted chestnuts in the main square. You never see anyone selling chestnuts in New York wearing slacks and a sweater—that felt very Greek.

I realize that I haven't said anything about the ship, now that I'm actually on it. I haven't been on a ship since I went to Antarctica almost six years ago, though the expedition-type ships there and in the Galapagos were very different from a cruise ship—comfortable but utilitarian.

I haven't been on an actual cruise ship since 2011, and this is a very different experience. I have a sitting area with a couch and coffee table, a bathtub as well as a shower, a flat screen TV with a huge selection of movies and television shows, and wi-fi everywhere on the ship. (The wi-fi isn't great and most of the features on my phone that require iCloud or location settings don't really work, but it's a million times better than I remember from earlier trips.)

I'm not sure how much is true for cruising in general, and how much is because this is a very luxe cruise line, but I am certainly being pampered. When I had seen everything there was to see in Nafplion and walked back to the dock, they had a canopy set up so we could sit in the shade and sip on lemon detox water while we waited for the tender boat.

I think tomorrow I'm going to have breakfast served in my cabin, because why not?

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