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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Street photography

A woman sitting on her stoop on East 88th Street Saturday night. I will always be able to identify this picture as coming from the Late Covid Era by the fact that she's wearing a mask but it's pulled down around her chin, and that she was able to buy a six-pack of paper towels.

One thing that I missed even more than going out for breakfast was just walking around with a camera in my hand, taking pictures of whatever caught my eye. I could, and occasionally did, do this pre-vaccine, but I always felt as though I needed to have a reason -- and a good one -- to justify leaving the sanctuary of my apartment and venturing into the virus-ridden world outside. (Being so overwhelmingly busy with school was a factor too, of course.)

It's not just that I can wander around; it's that I finally have the energy to look at the world again. It's wonderful.

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