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Friday, May 8, 2020

What once was and maybe will be again, someday

Some of the beautiful architecture in the old part of Frankfurt, taken in 2018 when I was on my way to Belgium and then Rwanda.

I was scheduled to leave for Frankfurt tonight. I was going to stop over for a couple of nights (taking the train to Cologne to get a better look at that cathedral if I had the energy) before flying on to Baku for a two-week tour of the Caucasus.

I'm not complaining. Anxious and claustrophobic as I often am during this lockdown, I am lucky compared to so many others, and I know it. (And I've been joking that these weeks of living in Pandemic Central have cured me of any desire to be in the center of the action, any action, ever again.) 

Still. Masking up so I can scurry around the block is a kind of adventure, maybe, but it's not as satisfying as getting off a plane in a country I've never been to, knowing that I'm going to see amazing things, meet interesting people, and possibly even get a photo or two worth sharing.

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