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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday reflections

Windows on West 44th Street -- not the most interesting photograph, but these days we are grateful for what we can get, in every area of life.

I dreamed about the supermarket, that every aisle had shelves full of Bounty paper towels, enough to wipe up an entire city's messes and spills.

I'm amused by the quarantine version of a classic wish-fulfillment dream -- imagine being able to use as many paper towels as you wanted and never running out! I actually have plenty of paper towels, and toilet paper, at the moment, but I do catch myself panicking at the thought of running low on anything. You can't do much hoarding in a one-bedroom apartment, but I have extra peanut butter and granola bars and canned soup in my living room closet, and I no longer wait until I'm completely out of something before buying more.

Actually buying two more.

Just in case. 

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