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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Standing with Ukraine

A demonstrations in Times Square last night. Several huge Ukrainian flags were draped across Duffy Square, while the demonstrators sang in Ukrainian. It brought tears to my eyes.

Unfortunately I couldn't linger, or try to get a better picture. On Tuesdays I drive to Brooklyn in the morning, meet with the professors of the class where I'm a TA, lead a half hour session on writing and grammar, then observe the rest of the class. When class ends, between 3 and 3:30, I retrieve my car, drive back to Manhattan, do some last minute homework while eating an early dinner, then walk to the Upper East Side for my evening class. I usually get home a little after 10, take a shower, crawl into bed and stare at something stupid on television until I'm sleepy.

I'm always rushed walking to my evening class, but it's the only exercise I get all day, and it clears my head. Unfortunately it means I can't take the time to enjoy any interesting things I pass along the way.

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