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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Life in the time of coronavirus

Three Covid testing booths in a row on 42nd Street this afternoon. (There was actually a fourth, farther up the block, but I couldn't get it into the picture.)

I was walking back from my own test appointment, a prerequisite for the colonoscopy I was supposed to be having next week. It turned out that I couldn't get the test, because although I had been told to make the appointment one week before the procedure, the allowable window was actually three to five days and getting a test today wouldn't have cleared me. And since it is almost impossible to get testing appointments right now, that meant I had to cancel everything.

Which was a relief, honestly, and something I might have ended up doing anyway. Our test positivity rate in Manhattan, which had been around 1% for so long, suddenly tripled. And then tripled again. And was at a terrifying 19.4% yesterday. It may no longer be possible to avoid getting infected with this damn variant, but I'm going to do my best.

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